Volunteer Information (We LOVE our volunteers!)

Sadly we cannot have volunteers on-site during the 2020-2021 school year.
We can't wait to see you again!
Our parent volunteers are essential to the success of this program. There will be approximately 20 hours of time that we would need your help each year. This program cannot function without the help of the parents. Think of this program like a “co-op” where the parents work together toward a goal of educating our children. Helping with lunch, set-up, tear down, supervising or helping with clean up is very important to the success of our program.
Communication is also vital. If you sign up to help on a certain day and cannot work, please, call and trade with another parent. For the safety of the kids, please make sure you show up on days that you have signed up to volunteer.  If you have already registered to be a volunteer you do not need to do so again unless otherwise informed.

Volunteer positions available

1. Lunchtime volunteer organizer(s) - responsible for getting and organizing volunteers for sufficient supervision of students at lunchtime and recess after lunch.

2. Lunchtime volunteers - Responsible for student supervision during lunch and recess after lunch.


3. Classroom set-up/tear-down volunteers. We need set-up volunteers on both mornings before school and tear-down volunteers on both afternoons after school. This is a gigantic help to the teachers!

4. Vacuuming and trash emptying volunteers are requested on both afternoons.


5. Boxtops for Education Coordinator - Responsible for getting boxtops ready for shipping in a timely fashion and opening/manning the boxtops "store" one lunch period per month.