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Dates for 22/23 school year curriculum RETURN to be announced.

Curriculum Info


Curriculum Lending Library

THIS CURRICULUM IS FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE IN YOUR OWN HOMESCHOOLING, NOT CURRICULUM FOR LEAP CLASSES. Our lending library includes math, science, history, language arts and art. 


We are currently updating our curriculum list and what is shown here may not be available.  Please contact Rebecca at for more information.

The LEAP Curriculum Library is available for REGISTERED families to utilize. If you still hold curriculum that was checked out for the 21/22 school year, please contact Rebecca Taylor to make arrangements to set up a time to return your materials. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please email 

Curriculum is available for families enrolled by September 22nd.  Requests for curriculum not currently offered by LEAP will be considered, but not guaranteed, depending on desirability among the families.  



Curriculum must be returned no later than Friday, May 08, in order to prepare for the Curriculum Fair scheduled for May 13 & 14

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