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Class supply lists for 24/25 school year

No supplies are needed for kindergarten - just bring a backpack with a water bottle and lunch

About Our Classes



L.E.A.P. classes are intended as supplementary and enrichment only.  Classes that meet only one day per week cannot provide the breadth and depth needed to fulfill home schooling requirements.  Students are considered home school students and parents remain the primary educators, responsible for providing the remaining days, hours and content needed to complete their child's education.

Although classes offered differ from year to year, each year's choices include the following areas:


  • Art

  • Language Arts

  • Math (elementary)

  • Math (Secondary - in some Science classes)

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Science

  • Social Studies



LEAP truly has been a blessing in our lives. As homeschool parents, we strive to meet each and every need for our children to aid them in navigating their own worlds, which includes social-emotional aspects. However, without the experiences and interactions of peers and additional teachers, it can be difficult to access those types of learning situations outside of a school environment. Both the education gains and problem-solving skills that our kiddo has reached since starting LEAP are outstanding, and I highly recommend it as an enrichment experience to all who choose to homeschool their children.

~Makayla A.

LEAP has been an integral component of our homeschool lifestyle. The wide variety of classes offered cover subjects that we wouldn’t necessarily teach at home, such as crochet, music, cake decorating, etc. The teachers, staff, volunteers, and student body are all wonderful people who work together to make LEAP a kind and welcoming environment for everyone. Our children look forward to their enrichment day each week and can’t wait to rave about their day when we pick them up. We are truly grateful to be a part of such a fantastic program!

 ~Melissa W.

There are no words to describe my family’s love for LEAP.  This is a perfect option for Homeschooled families.  The teaching staff is excellent and understands the unique needs of Homeschooled kids. The classes are educational, but jam packed with FUN and endless enrichment.  The Admin staff is exceptional, caring and passionate about their students. They are flexible and easy to work with.  The students are accepting, kind and truly excellent people. This was an answer to my desire to put my kids in a social setting without having to worry about bullying or negative social scenarios or pressure.  I would recommend LEAP overwhelmingly. Love, Love, Love it.

 ~Kima A.

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