1. WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!   A big thank you to our volunteers last week: Mikki G., Ashley S., Sindy M., Meghan L., Stephanie G., Kimberly W., and Zeke T. We could not do this without you. We appreciate you!!! We have 2 signed up for Wednesday and 4 signed up for Thursday. We need 3 MORE for Wednesday and 1 MORE for Thursday, please.

Please check your spam for reminders from Sign Up Genius. They are SUPPOSED to go out two days before your supervision if you've signed up. Unfortunately, we have no control over that piece. Thank you.


2. ITBS – The Iowa Test of Basic Skills will be offered for parents wishing to have their students tested in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 on Monday, March 9 from 8:00 – 12:30 at Galilee Baptist Church (LEAP site).  Testing fee is $25, non-refundable, for LEAP students and $40, non-refundable, for non-LEAP students. Sign up link is on our website under EVENTS in the ITBS announcement. Students MUST be signed up in their current, registered grade level and payment received in the school office by January 31. 


 Thank you SO much for pictures of LEAP students and activities that you have shared for our yearbook!  We can always use more.  Send via Google Drive or Google Photos (just "share" pictures or an album)  OR attach to an email if there are only a few.  All photos go to beth.unruh@thompsonschools.org     



During the past few weeks, we have been visiting Antarctica.  Please be sure to send art students with warm clothes and gloves for some sculpture projects outside...in the cold...this week some will still be working outside.  Note: a few of my gloves have "disappeared".  Please check to be sure they are returned. Thanks!

Next week, we will display our projects in the backyard!