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OCTOBER COUNT begins THIS week. Please do your best to have your students in attendance for the next few weeks as this is how we receive our funding! Thank you so much!


 PIZZA this week for those who ordered at the beginning of the year. WE HAVE PLACED THE ORDER FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR SO NO MORE PIZZA ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. You may want to also pack a lunch if the pizza will not be enough food for your child's meal. 


  Vision & Hearing Screening at LEAP this week. We need volunteers to help, please, especially on Wednesday. Please let our nurse know if you can help either/both day/days. If you wish to opt out for your child, please fill out the attached form. 


It's.....Sport's Day!  You are invited to participate in our first Spirit Day this school year.  You can "sport" your favorite team's colors, emblems, logos, or even dress in some of your own sport's gear.  Feel free to come as a total fanatic for the team or sport of your choice!  (I heard some Huskers gear might make an appearance....)  .......


 Cupcake orders due this week!!!


1. LUNCH VOLUNTEERS! A big THANK YOU to our volunteers: Jordan M., Jo M., Heather L, Angie T., Susie T., Nicole C., Wendy R., Kim B., Alissa N, Lindsey A., and  Kacy C.   For Wednesday, we have 5 volunteers  and for Thursday, we have 4 volunteers. We could use one more  on WEDNESDAY.  Thanks! 


2.  It's Cupcake time!! Our cake decorating classes are ready to show you what they're learning. Cupcake order forms are attached. Please bring order forms and cash payment to Ms. Henton (in the Kitchen) by 10/4 (Wednesday families) or 10/5 (Thursday families). Cupcakes will be distributed in the pick-up line on 10/18 and 10/19. New this year:  Can't/don't want to eat cupcakes? Crochet class is offering you an alternative! You can purchase cupcake coasters instead! These will also be $2 each. All proceeds directly benefit LEAP classes.


3. Hi LEAP Families - Attached is the flyer with the information for this year's Annual LEAP Sale & Online Auction.  This is a great way to support LEAP and get some holiday gift shopping done. ALL monies go to LEAP.

Please read through the details and reach out if you have any questions or would like to donate something.

Thank you,

~Abbey Chase



4. . REMEMBER our easy fundraisers! Box Tops for Education (download the app) and Morning Fresh Dairy caps! 

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