THANK YOU for sticking with us during this challenging year. It was definitely not easy, but we did it! 




2. FIELD DAY this week! Students should come at 1:00 (rather than 12:30) this week and be picked up at 3:30. Students will be placed in small groups and go from station to station to participate in 8 different outdoor activities.  Teachers and staff will be setting up for Field Day in the morning.


3. Curriculum Return drop off on May 24th & 25th at Ferguson High School. You should have recieved an email from Rebecca Taylor to set up your appointment time. Please respond to the email.


4. GRAFIX PUBLICATIONS: Congratulations to Employees of the Year! Wednesday is Talan S. and Thursday is Gentry J. Most excellent work! Thank you again to all students, parents, staff and all Grafix students who contributed to our yearbook! They will be distributed THIS WEEK by the Art & Science building, before or after field day.   

*Note: no "extra" books will be available for purchase at distribution. 


5. ART STUDENTS: All clay projects will be available for pick up on the last day of school THIS week by the Art & Science building.  If you will not be there, please let me know.  Thanks!



6. Class Choice - As those of you know who have spent significant time at LEAP, usually by this time, Class Choice is well under way, with many students already being scheduled for next fall. I am currently awaiting permission to move ahead with a couple of pieces that must be in place before class grids are posted and class choice opens. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience!