1. PLAN NOW for FIELD DAY the last week of school. Students should come at 1:00 (rather than 12:30) on May 19 and 20 and be picked up at 3:30. Students will be placed in small groups and go from station to station to participate in 8 different outdoor activities. THERE WILL BE NO VIRTUAL CLASSES ON THOSE TWO DAYS as teachers and staff will be setting up for Field Day in the morning.


2. Please remember - If your student(s) will be absent, please contact the office rather than individual teachers as we send morning and afternoon attendance reports to ALL teachers. Thank you.


3. Teacher Appreciation Abbey Chase is planning a meal for LEAP teachers and staff. If you would like to help, please give her a call: 970-690-1044


4. Photographer Needed! for Mock Trial class Trial, April 15 & 29. Please contact Mrs. Unruh for procedure requirements and times.


5. GRAFIX PUBLICATIONS: YEARBOOK ORDERS Remember to order your yearbook by clicking on this link! *See fresh page samples attached.

Wednesday is entitled " free!"  (This is not a real link, just the title:)

Thursday is entitled "LEAP Through the Decades" 

The price has increased to $20.  Orders must be received by April 30. They will be distributed on the last day of school in May.  *There is a box by the front door of the Art & Science building to turn in your payment.  If you did not receive a receipt via email, your payment was not received.  

*Note: no "extra" books will be available for purchase at distribution.  


6. THIS WEEK: "Sports Activities"  Send a picture of you doing your favorite sport!

Send WED to Talan S.

Send THU  to Gentry J.


7. SEND PICS OF YOUR KIDS!  Time is running out... 

We always need candid pictures of kids at any time and doing anything!   Send pictures via a Google Drive folder, Google Photos or attach to an email (if only a few) to   Thank you!

8. Do you know a student who needs help with math or science?  Free math, chemistry, physics, and astronomy tutoring is available to students in 8th-12th grade from background-checked volunteers.  (Please note: This is not a sponsored or approved activity by Thompson School District. Thompson School District is not responsible in any way for any injuries, losses or damages associated with, caused by, or related to this activity.) Interested students can receive tutoring at the Loveland Public Library with volunteers David Conner for math/science or William Rosquist for math by contacting them to schedule a time.  (Tutoring services from TSD volunteers are not allowed in the volunteer's or the student's home.)  Below is information about the volunteers that they provided to TSD. 

David Conner is certified in math education from Colorado State University.  He has tutored for Lucile Erwin Middle School and Project Self-Sufficiency.  Email:

William Rosquist was a GED math instructor and volunteer for the Center for Adult Learning in Loveland for 13 years and a math tutor at Thompson Valley High School.  Students must know how to multiply to receive help from Mr. Rosquist.  Phone: (720)841-3970   Email:

Mrs. Miki Shockley