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Welcome to our assignments page. Please watch this location for current and upcoming assignments and any communication from teachers.

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Class Information

Mr. Jeffrey's Classes

Economics and the Business World - Instead of the debate this week, each student should take a position on "Big Government" or Small Government". They should write a page supporting their point of view. They should have a handout with the websites that they have been using for their research.


Mock Trial  - No assignment  But, we have canceled the trial with the other school for May 2nd. There is no way we would be ready. We will finish North Carolina vs. Delany if and when we come back so be ready.


Historical Myth Busters - I have attached the topics for the next unit. You should research one of the topics and write a summary paper regarding your opinion as to whether or not it is a myth or truth.


Where in the World is Marco Polo - I have attached the Search One of East Asia. Use the internet to follow Marco Polo


Humanities: the 1940's - We were supposed to start the final multi-media project in groups. This is not possible unless we come back after April 17th so no assignment


Time Travelers - I have attached the paired reading on the contributions of the Jewish people to Western civilization. After reading this and answering t you should write a paragraph explaining which contribution was the most important.


Since I have many students who have several classes with me, don't feel you have to do all the assigned work. Keep your mind busy and know that we all miss each one of you. I hope we are able to say good-bye for the summer.  Be safe and stay healthy.

***Please send all completed assignments to Mr. Jeffrey via email at ***

Mrs. Braun's Kindergarten

Mrs. Stutzman Music

Here is an link for students to get some music help.

Mr. Eastin's P E

Mrs. Ragazzo's Classes

Mrs. Henton's Cooking Classes

These "assignments" are not designed to stress anyone out! I miss seeing your wonderful faces and your enthusiasm for learning! Please stay safe and stay well. 

Pies & Pastries: Look up on Pinterest or Google recipes using puff pastry. If you have time and materials, send me a picture of one you make ( OR, try your hand at making your own puff pastry!


Cake Decorating 2 & 3:  I realize that your decorating kits are still at LEAP, making any decorating difficult to impossible. IF you have extra tips at home, make some buttercream icing ( and practice whatever techniques you feel moved to practice. Send me a picture, if you're able (

Alternatively, brainstorm and sketch or google/pinterest some ideas for a cake or cupcakes for any upcoming event in your family.


Eat, Write, Cook: Do you need any healthy recipe ideas for what you have on hand? Email me for some ideas (or share some with your classmates!)


Book Cooks: Choose a book you have at home and read it to or with a family member. Brainstorm something you can make that applies to the book.


Basics of Cooking: Help a family member make something yummy for your family. Have mom email me a picture, if possible, to

Mrs. Flanscha's Classes

Mrs. Flansha has set up all her classes on Google Classroom. You should have received an invitation to join in your TSD school emails. Please check your email and accept the invitation, and then make sure you check back regularly for any updates from her. 

If you don't know your school email, you can log into Infinite Campus and the information should be listed under Account Settings. 

Mrs. Burkley's Classes

Mrs. Burkley has set all her classes up in Google Classroom, and all her students should have received an invitation to join. Please check your emails for important information and updates from her! 

Mrs. Lessman's Classes

Mrs. Ridgway's First Grade

Mrs. Ridgway's assignments for 1st grade, math, art and Ameritowne will be directly emailed to parents.  If you have questions or haven't received any assignments, please email her at elizabeth.ridgway@

Mrs. Unruh's Classes



Before Spring Break, we were working on some South American projects.  Although they are still at school, some of them can be done at home and we will finish everything when we return.  If, for some reason, we don’t return as scheduled, I will be sure you can get your projects and materials to finish the last couple of weeks.  The links below will give you access to the class plans and materials for North America and a few at home projects for South America. *Open the Doc first.  Have fun!


 ALL Wide World Art classes


Wide World Art 1 (1st & 2nd Grades):


Wide World Art 2 (3rd & 4th Grades):


Wide World Art 3 (5th & 6th Grades):


Wide World Art 4 (7th-12th Grades):



These classes were already set up in Google Classroom and will continue, so be sure to check in every week!


One of our clever Employees suggested that if you all take fun pictures of what you did over this extended Spring Break, we can add it to the yearbook.  Great idea! As always, we need more pictures, especially since we cannot take any more while we are out of school. That would help a lot! Send any pictures you have to:

Thank you!



 *Since we won’t be at school for a few weeks, all yearbook orders will be accepted until the end of April for the pre-sale price of $18.  You may scan the order form you have, use the one attached, or just email your order to

Payment can be made via PayPal (preferred) or wait until we return to school. Thanks!


Reserve your copy of this beautiful book to remember this year at L.E.A.P.  Pre-sales will continue until April 29-30. New, this year will be an ad page.  If you have a business to promote, or just want to acknowledge someone special, include a business card for $10 or create a ½ size for $5. Please direct questions to Mrs. Unruh or E-mail:

Mrs. Funk's Classes

1st and 4th periods

I will be posting weekly Quizlet’s reviewing our lessons from the past year.  4th period will also find it posted in Classroom. I was unable to grab my password cheat sheet, so if you need to change your password that is fine, just make a note of it.  Your username is your TSD email address.


Week 4/1 and 4/2


2nd period

I will  try to find inventive story time in Spanish for each upcoming week.


Week 4/1 and 4/2


3rd period

Let’s finish off the rest of our countries' Geography Now videos.


Week 4/1 and 4/2



5th period

I will be posting on Classroom our last two slide shows.  Please review them, and have your final artifact project including topic, what you plan to compare and contrast, and the form you plan to use.  Given the present situation I will accept a slide show. Please review my slideshow on citations and acceptable artifacts. I need your artifact proposal no later than 4/9.   Your final artifact needs to be shared with me no later than 5/7.


6th period

I will by sharing interactive activities through different Latin American and Spanish museums geared toward kids.  


Week 4/1 and 4/2

Banrepublica:  A grouping of museums subsidized by the Colombian Central Bank based in Bogotá, Colombia.  They have different activities for children.